Behavioural Optometry and Visual Rehabilitation

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

The effects of a brain injury on vision is often overlooked, and a regular eye exam often does not reveal the extent that the visual process has been affected.

The Optometrist designs an individualised treatment programme for patients with visual deficits as a direct result of physical disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, cerebro vascular accidents and other neurological insults such as concussion and stroke. Neuro Optometry assesses the operation and rehabilitation of visual, perceptual and or motor disorders. 

Our optometrist Melanie is a certified Mind Eye Connection Practitioner following the techniques of Dr Deborah Zelinsky.

Our Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrist evaluates many functions of the visual system, including:

  • How the eyes work together
  • Whether the eyes are working hard to focus and aim together
  • Eye scanning and tracking ability
  • Visual field loss and spatial inattention
  • How the person processes their environment and moves through it
  • The integration between vision and other systems such as balance, auditory, and the body’s sense of position in space
  • Complex visual perceptual ability (how a person organises and interprets the information that is seen and gives it meaning and visual memory (the ability to remember something seen in the past). This is also needed for reading and communicating.
  • Information provided during a standard eye exam such as visual acuity, refraction, eye health evaluation and the detection of pathology and peripheral vision testing are required as well.

Following the examination, our Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrist will work with a patient to develop a treatment plan that is specially designed to improve or eliminate a patient’s specific symptoms and difficulties. Treatment may include specialised glasses to help with visual processing, and/or a Vision Rehabilitation program that incorporates both in-practice and out-of-practice procedures. This will aid in the remediation and management of your visual problems with the goal to improve activities of daily visual living and performance.

An interdisciplinary, integrated team approach, if necessary, is vital to help rehabilitate the patient as a ‘whole person.’ Our Neuro Optometrist may work collaboratively with neurologists, rehab physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors, speech pathologists, neuropsychologists and audiologists to restore patients from total dysfunction to normative daily living and performance. 

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