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The way you perceive space and interpret what you see is not reflected soley on being able to see 20/20. Behavioural Optometrists focus on enhancing your visual system in order to ensure all aspects of your visual performance are working together in the most efficient way.

It includes:

  • Measurement of focus and eye coordination function problems which can affect visual comfort and performance when reading and writing and using computers
  • Measurement of distance focus, especially if there are symptoms of difficulty looking up clearly from computers, or blurred distance vision, which could be short sightedness (myopia) beginning to develop as a result of  more time on computers and less time outside
  • Assessment and treatment of lazy eye (amblyopia) and turned eye (strabismus), using spectacles and sometimes vision therapy
  • Assessment and treatment of development of tracking eye movement abilities for reading fluency
  • Assessment and treatment of a child’s developed reflexes and skills of vision perception, or processing, to ensure these abilities are normally developed for their age, and are affecting their ability to learn to read and write, and to read at age level, and achieve to their potential
  • Assessment and management of visual issues associated with health and neurological conditions, such as stroke and head injury, Parkinson’s disease, and concussion and whiplash.


To achieve these goals our Optometrist may recommend appropriate prescription glasses, the use of tinted lenses where indicated by specific testing and or vision therapy to improve vision function and visual processing development. It is imperative to remember that it is not a ‘quick fix’, and a behavioural program requires both in and out of practice management with full family support and encouragement.

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