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Failing Tests? Your Child Needs an Optical Exam by Endorsed Independent Eye Doctor of Optometry

Books, materials, teachers, and a supportive environment go a long way in a child’s education. Sometimes, however, these standard tools are not enough. If your child is experiencing inexplicable difficulty in school, poor or inefficient vision may be the culprit. Take action and get answers by scheduling an optometry exam with Eye Four Eye Manly.

More than a TV cliché, poor vision, be it acuity or processing, can create learning deficiencies. Even when a child suffers from myopia (nearsightedness), frustration with the inability to see clearly can result in disruptive acting out behaviours.

A Comprehensive Optometry Exam May Offer Answers

As we only have one perspective from which we see the world, and as your child doesn’t know any differently, it may be difficult for them to communicate problems with vision. Instead, many try to compensate until they can’t anymore. Meanwhile they are missing nuanced concepts and skills causing them to fall behind. Our eye examination test will evaluate your child’s vision acuity (how accurate they can see). If correction is needed, we’ll write a prescription and help pick out frames that fit their features, habits, and personality.

Where acuity is sufficient, our therapeutically endorsed eye exam doctor will run an additional battery of optical eye exams. In this set of tests, we look at visual processing -- how the eyes and brain work together. Our eyes serve as the brain’s windows to the outside world. If these partners are out of sync, the brain cannot respond as expected or desired.

We’ve had substantial success with behavioural optometry and vision rehabilitation, a treatment model that acts as physical therapy for the eyes and brain. They’ll meet with our optometrist once or twice a week and be guided through eye exercises lasting 30 mins to an hour. Rather than building muscular strength, these exercises are intended to strengthen the neurological connections between the eyes and brain so that they work together more efficiently. Better visual processing will reduce frustrations during learning periods and subsequently the unwanted behaviours should subside.

As vision changes throughout life, we recommend that you have your child’s vision checked annually just before school begins to assess potential impacts on development and learning. We believe that early detection of problems is the most effective way of halting and potentially reversing vision problems.

Eye Four Eye Manly is for the Whole Family

Eye Four Eye has established itself as the leading New South Wales optometrist. Eye exam appointments are available Monday -Saturday with after-hours availability upon request. We serve the whole family as a one-stop comprehensive eye care institute committed to exceptional and personalised service. Our on-site lab is used to edge and fully customise spectacles ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

As an independent eye care clinic, we personally evaluate all products offered ensuring they meet high quality standards while being practical and fashionable. Confident in our wide selection of brands and styles, all frames come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Call to schedule a life-enhancing appointment for your child today. We accept all forms of payment including Medicare and major health funds.

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