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The Advantage of a Contact Lens Eye Exam and Fitting

Tired of taking care of your glasses? Having issues with your eyesight and think you may need to take corrective action? Contact lenses are a great way to improve your vision without having to wear or take care of expensive glasses. Contact lenses let you look great and are a perfect alternative for those who don’t take to spectacles. Yet, contact lenses offer you far more than just better eyesight. At Eye Four Eye in Manly, our contact lens eye exam aims to correct your vision, offer a cosmetic option for your eyes, or both! Our contact eye exam assesses not just your vision and eyesight, but the overall quality of your eyes to see how contact lenses can help you in an all-encompassing, holistic way. When you come in for a contact lens exam, we work to determine your overall eye health, and how contact lenses can best work for you.

How A Contact Lens Eye Exam Benefits You

There are two specific areas that our contact lens fitting can help you with, correcting your eyesight and offering you cosmetic eye help. The contact lenses which we stock and will fit you with are split between corrective and cosmetic lenses, to help with your specific concerns. We can determine the best contact options for you through our contact lens eye examination, which utilises our professional optometry equipment to figure out where there is vision impairment in your eyes and how to correct it.

That being said, corrective lenses are the most common need for our patients. Like glasses, corrective lenses serve the function of correcting your eyesight in a way that is unique to you. Not all eyes are the same, and contact lenses are not a one-fits-all solution. You may, for example, be more nearsighted than far-sighted and need contacts that will adjust your vision as such. Corrective lenses will also consider factors that affect your eyes such as dryness or specific allergies, so that, unlike glasses, your eyesight will be improved with consideration to your overall eye health.

On the other hand, cosmetic lenses serve a mostly aesthetic function. In the past few years, there have been many advances in optometry technology that have allowed cosmetic lenses to correct colour variation or irregularity in your eyes. If you have discolouration in one of your eyes, for example, cosmetic lenses can be made to modify this and give your eyes an even, natural colour.

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If you need contact lenses or want a contact lens examination and consultation, get in contact here today. We are a team of professionally trained optometrists and have worked with contact lens needs for several years. We make eye examinations quick and easy and focus on you and your individual needs. We offer more than just contact examinations too, so feel free to contact us with any eye-related questions you may have.

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