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Computer Professional? Seek Eye Care Specialists from Independent Doctors of Optometry

In today’s digitally connected world, physical conditions stemming from long hours at the computer are no longer isolated to office workers. With an interactive screen in our pockets, at our jobs, and potentially every room of our homes, the negative effects of screen time extend to people of all ages and professions. Eye Four Eye Manly serves New South Wales as independent doctors of optometry providing comprehensive eye care for the whole family.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Where Carpal Tunnel is the result of prolonged wrist strain usually associated with computer work (although it can manifest from any repetitive motion that occurs over a sustained period of time), Computer Vision Syndrome is the result of prolonged screen time. The glare from computer screens can cause painful eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, neck pain, and headaches. Where possible, eye care specialists recommend reducing exposure.

That’s easier said than done when screens dominate our professional and private lives alike. Fortunately, there are numerous professional treatments and self-care practices that have shown effectiveness in improving computer-effected vision.

When you come into Eye Four Eye Manly, your eye specialist doctor will start by asking you questions about your current vision, family history, and behavioural habits. Next, specialised vision tests are conducted to test acuity (quality of vision or your 20/20 score), refraction (how your eyes respond to surface glare), and focus/coordination (how quickly your eyes track an object and how well they work together).

Based on testing results, our experienced eye care professionals will recommend treatment options that range from specialised lenses that reduce refraction effects to enrolment in a series of behavioural ophthalmology/ vision rehabilitation sessions. Acting as physical therapy for the eyes and brain, these once or twice weekly sessions feature research-backed exercises designed to improve the neurological connections between your eyes and brain.

In addition, there are things you can do on your own to support vision health despite long hours in front of a screen. Posture and position may be the most important. Sitting up straight with your arms and legs squared and your screen just short of eye level reduces unneeded strain on your body and eyes. Avoid additional glare from lights, favour natural lighting whenever possible. Lastly, the benefits of breaks cannot be overstated. Look away every 20 minutes and take 15-minute break every 2 continuous hours.

Compassionate Eye Care Professionals at Eye Four Eye Manly

From the beginning, we’ve worked from the premise that eye health is more than prescribing glasses. We believe that healthy eyes contribute to overall health and that eye and vision conditions negatively impact successful development. Our dedicated team of seasoned and therapeutically endorsed eye care specialists are committed to providing a personalised experience that speaks to each patient’s needs.

As independent eye care specialists, we’re able to offer optometry products based on quality standards, not brand-based contracts. Effectively, we’ve hand-selected our products based on quality and fashion and confidently offer them with a 2-year warranty. Our frames technician is happy to help pick out a complimentary frame that works with your appearance, lifestyle, and corrective needs.

Call and book an appointment at your earliest convenience for long-lasting relief and improved vision. We’re open Monday-Saturday with after-hours appointments available upon request. We accept cash, cheque, Medicare, and all major health funds.

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