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Where our brains serve as the control panel for our thoughts, reflexes, and actions, our eyes serve as the brain’s window to the outside world. Through our eyes, the brain takes in information and makes decisions on how to respond. If vision is poor, however, the information provided to the brain is inaccurate leading to errors in perception. These errors can impact depth perception, tracking, colour, and even learning. In fact, healthy human development is influenced by access to quality eye care. Optometry, therefore, should be addressed annually to assess deficiencies, abnormalities, and efficiency.

Comprehensive Eye Care Optometry for Whole Family

Eye Four Eye Manly is an independent clinic providing comprehensive services for eye care. Optical performance is broken down into three parts: acuity, refraction, and focus and coordination. Healthy vision requires each part to work harmoniously with the others. Acuity refers to the quality of sight, or your 20/20 score. Refraction deals with how light bounces off surfaces, while focus and coordination look at how well your eyes track objects at distance and how well the eyes work together.

Optometry encompasses a variety of tests intended to pinpoint abnormalities across the vision spectrum. The Optical Coherence Tomography uses light and images to take pictures of your retina. This provides a map for optometrists to detect retinal diseases such as macular degeneration. Meanwhile ocular alignment tests and eye dominance tests evaluate how well the eyes work together by testing their ability to track objects smoothly.

Once identified, many conditions have treatments that can reduce the effects and sometimes reverse the progression of eye conditions. We take care to discuss all options from specialised lenses to a series of individually-tailored behavioural optometry sessions. Like physical therapy for the eyes and brain, these vision rehabilitation sessions look to strengthen the neurological connections between the eye and the brain. These scientifically-backed programs have been successful in addressing eye care issues including lazy eye, crossed eyes, and improper visual tracking.

For Cutting-Edge Eye Care for the Whole Family, Choose Eye Four Eye Manly

More than lenses to correct acuity problems, we perform eye optometry seeking to improve function and overall quality of life. Our therapeutically endorsed optometrists work with the latest tools, tests, and techniques to perform scientifically-backed eye exams and treatment modalities. We take the time to understand your needs so we can best address your unique condition.

A personalised experience is what you get from our compassionate and experienced staff. We hand-select all frames offered based on quality and are happy to help you choose eye care products that fit your features, lifestyle, and budget. Frames are customised in-office at our lab to ensure optimal fit. All eye optometry products are backed by a 2-year warranty and we accept all forms of payment including Medicare and major health funds.

Book an eye exam for the whole family today and get started on the path to optimal eye health. We recommend that optometry assessments are conducted annually for healthy adults. Adults with serious vision conditions in their history, and seniors over 65 may benefit from more frequent assessment. The best time to test children is just before the school year. This recurring and identifiable time helps track how vision may be impacting physical development and learning ability.

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