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There you go again, squinting into the distance to try and make out what the sign says. Your eyes are dry and scratchy which you are sure is not normal. At Eye Four Eye Manly we can help ease the discomfort of your eyes. Our eye care center strives to provide the finest in optometry services and everything related to the eye.

See Our Optometry Clinic For a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Whatever the issue is, or even if you think there isn’t one, we can give you a full routine eye exam that covers more than the state of your sight. As we go through the different stages of life, things can change without us even knowing, which is why, just like a visit your doctor, it is essential to visit an optometrist regularly to check the health of your eyes.

Our Optometry office has a vast range of medical devices used for diagnostic purposes, including a digital retinal camera, field analyser and more. Tests performed by our optometrist cover a range of differentials such as evaluating depth perception, colour vision, eye muscle capabilities, peripheral vision, and responsiveness to light. These tests combined, with checking how the eyes focus, move, and work together, allow the optometrist to determine if any underlying conditions that may impair the eyes’ ability to focus or work together.

When you come to our eye care clinic, you can be confident that we will be giving you a comprehensive eye exam and taking care of any needs that result from it.

Spectacles or Contact Lenses?

If eye correction is what you need, our friendly staff are more than happy to help you choose from a selection of frames. We know that each person is different, so we can help guide you towards the perfect frame to suit your face shape, lifestyle, and taste. We will also work with you to select one that is within your budget and appropriate for your vision needs. Each frame comes with a two-year warranty and are some of the best quality brands on the market.

Many patients, especially those with an active lifestyle or who are very sporty, may also be candidates for contacts lenses. After determining if this is something that you are eligible for and want, our optometrist will discuss with you the different options available to find the correct fit for you. Contact lenses can be either soft or rigid gas permeable form, which the optometrist can explain, and dependent on the type of lenses, should be changed daily, weekly, twice per week, or once a month. There is also a bit more care that is needed than with spectacles, to maintain the health of the eye and comfort of the lenses.

At our optometry clinic we know the value of good eyesight and eye health, which can lead to benefits in overall health and visual freedom, so contact us today and get started taking care of your eyes.


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