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Children’s Eye Doctor Helping Your Kids See with Pediatric Optometrist Care

Children grow up being taught about the things they see around them. For example, you point to a tree and say it’s a tree. How confident are you that what you see is the same as what the child sees? We all know children can be very adaptable, but at Eye Four Eye Manly, we like to be confident that children are seeing clearly and therefore learning to the best of their ability.

More than Just Good Eye Sight

As an adult and children’s optometrist, we like to get to the cause of any eye problems that your child may have. All children deserve to be in good health or have issues corrected to give them the visual freedom to learn as they grow. While a routine eye exam can determine if spectacles are the solution, we also take great care to address the overall health of the eye. Even if your child doesn’t display any visual problems, we recommend that children have an eye exam before starting school. After this, yearly reviews help to correlate eye health to their development and learning.

Not all visual problems are due to the eye. Our kids eye doctor can help with behavioural optometry, specialising in neuro-optometry, rehabilitation, and visual training. The key focus here has to do with how the brain interprets what the eye sees. Children who exhibit learning or reading difficulties may have a problem that spectacles cannot correct. In these cases, visual processing is the problem which can benefit from therapeutical optometry. Vision exercises can enhance the neurological connection between the eyes and brain.

While also shown to help remedy lazy eye, cross-eyed, or double vision, our pediatric eye doctor will go through a set of exercises tailored to the individual. These vision exercises are used to help improve necessary visual skills and change how the patient’s brain interprets images.

Children’s Eye Doctor Manly

With over thirty years of experience in the optometry field, we value our patients and the health of their eyes. We provide a comprehensive independent eye care service from the youngest in the family to the eldest. If you value the importance of your eyesight, then you’ll know how important your child’s vision and health is. A routine visit to our children’s eye doctor, can put all your concerns at bay, and provide you with the things you need to get your child seeing better and learning more efficiently.

If your child ends up needing spectacles to correct their vision, then we have a selection of frames with friendly staff who can help guide you through recommendations for what your child needs. All frames and lenses are fitted to suit the needs of all our patients, and every product comes with a two-year warranty, so you know you’re getting quality service.

To get you and your child’s eyes checked, contact us today to book a full routine appointment and put your mind at ease.

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